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Welcome to the Friends of Sherwood Forests New Website.

Welcome to our new website hosted on a new Domain,  the old site has been Archived and back online for reference purposes.  The FoSF is the Leading Charity for Sherwood Forest and the Community.  First of all let me apologise for our absence on the Internet,  while we have maintained our presence on Facebook we had to let our old site and others we publish disappear from view due to Criminal activity which has not been resolved ... Here.  this matter is not at an end,  for all our trouble all we have in return is Threatening behaviour, abuse and Insults,  and nothing to show for our money,  please read about this horrific saga it may help you in the future.

 Major Oak Sherwood forest

Yet again we have problems with Copyright,  please be aware that others are using our name for spurious reasons in direct violation of Copyright.

We have had problems with these people before as they are noted for making fraudulent claims and Passing themselves off,  please be advised.

      Free Download Maps for - Edwinstowe - Sherwood Forest NNR - Sherwood Forest District    

The RSPB is now in charge of Sherwood Forest, more of that on our RSPB page for your enlightenment.







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